About Us

We deliver solutions
at sea

Peak Marine Tech (PMT) was established in 2016 and delivers a wide range of innovative products and services to ensure greater performance and safe operation of various equipment’s in Maritime sectors, including Merchant, Fishery, Cruise, Aquaculture and Wind.
PMT provides 24/7 technical and operational support worldwide through highly dedicated team of skilled service engineers from strategic locations.

PMT is a worldwide partner for the maritime industry, and they make sure of key OEM spares availability in warehouse for immediate support to reduce downtime.
PMT’s vision is to provide cost efficient life cycle services for their own and 3rd party equipment’s. PMT goal is to be an innovative provider of service technology and products, preferred partner for spare parts supply.

Our core business areas

  • Hatch Covers and Cranes
  • Side Loading Systems incl Side Doors and Pallet Elevators
  • Self Discharging System (Excavator Traverses, Conveyor Systems and Hoppers)
  • Redesign and Modification Projects
  • Inspection/Survey/New Building
  • Technical Support Services