General Cargo and Multipurpose

Special purpose crane
Peak Marine Tech delivers special purpose cranes that is customzied to our client's needs. Our team of experienced engineers tailormake cranes with the latest technology and according to quality and safety standards.
Deck hatches
Peak Marine Tech design and manufacture deck hatches in accordance with classification society (DNV, Lloyds, Bureau Veritas) requirements, safety consideration and easy operation. Hatches are designed according to deck loads and water pressure where it is applicable.
Store cranes
Store cranes are used for handling of stores, hoses and workboats. Peak Marine Tech engineer and manufacture store cranes for all types of vessels. The design is customized to the client’s  demands and according to various classification approvals.
Container Seats
Container seats are designed to lock the container to the deck. By this the stowage of containers on deck is secured. The container seats are designed according to standards to fit all types of containers and equipment.
Gantry cranes
The gantry cranes are used to handle hatch covers and movable bulkheads/tween decks on the seagoing vessel. The gantry crane runs on rails located on the hatch coaming on both port and starboard sides of the vessel. The gantry crane consists of vertical legs that are connected to top frame, and vertical moving spreader beam (lifting yoke) with hooks on the gantry crane.

Bulkheads and Tween Decks
Tween decks are generally used in cargo ships to split the cargo hold longitudinally to have more than one deck. Cargo ships that have fittings to carry standard shipping containers and retractable tween decks (that can be moved out of the way) so that the ship can carry bulk cargo.
Hatch Covers (Piggyback/Stacking)
Folding hatch covers are designed to simplify cargo handing operations which improves vessel efficiency. We design and manufacture folding hatch cover consist of two (or more) panels which are connected by hinges and wheel assembly assists smoother operation.

Peak Marine Tech also deliver lift-away (pontoon) hatch covers that enables vessel operators to carry deck cargo and project cargo on their hatch covers. These hatch covers are designed double skinned to have minimum stacking height and easy maintenance. Single pull hatch covers are suitable where stowage height is limited. Arranged to move and fold on ramps to the vertical stowed position. Panels are connected with chains. Piggyback stacking hatch covers are designed as multi panels moving to stowage or closure in sequence.Using automatic stacking system, the panels are lifted and stacked, after that drive system is used to transfer the stack, as a unit to any selected position within the hatch cover length.
Anchoring and Mooring Winches
Peak Marine Tech supplies a broad range of winches and their related components to meet all the needs of the maritime industry, e.g. mooring and anchor winches, man rider winches and utility winches. Possible features are variable frequency drive or electro-hydraulic systems, single, double, or triple drum configuration, up to 700-tonne rated line-pull on first layer and additional special functions include auto variable speed control, wire spooling and guide systems, grooved drums, an emergency release function, gravity lowering, and an emergency hoisting function.