In Peak Marine Tech we deliver solutions at sea, and aims to do so with a minimum of environmental footprint.
Sustainability Report 2022

In Peak Marine Tech we deliver solutions at sea, and aims to do so with a minimum of environmental footprint.

Peak Marine Tech’s management system is certified according to ISO 14001:2015. An annual sustainability report is developed and published together with our mother company Peak Group AS.

Peak Marine Tech support UN’s SDGs.


Life Cycle Design

Peak Marine Tech work together with our clients and vendors to review and improve our services and products to minimize the impact on the environment in the whole process based on life cycle design principles.

We use historical data and experience from earlier project to have the optimal startpoint in a life cycle design process.  We analyze each project closely to identify what the requirements are and how it is possible to go through the project with a minimum of environmental footprint. On the basis of existing knowledge and experiences, a systematic engineering and weak spot analysis of the environmental relevance of complex products and services is carried out.

The goal of life cycle design is to minimize the aggregated environmental impacts associated with the product. Appropriate environmental information must be supplied to decision makers throughout each stage of the development process to achieve this goal.

Peak Marine Tech has developed an own PMT standard. The same components will be used in several products reducing the number of parts, shortens the engineering and simplifies storage. This also saves the environment for emissions since it is easier for the client to get local spare parts, and also reuse parts.

In production of deck equipment, the focus is to use less steel in structure and reduce the number of movable parts. If possible, steel will be replaced with the environmentally friendly material, composite. The products have long life durability given good maintenance and overhauling. In the end, the products can be recycled if it is not possible to overhaul them.

Hydraulicoil, a major substance, in Peak Marine Tech’s products. We aim for an environmentally friendly oil. This is a short-term solution. In the long term, the products will be full electric driven.

Business Travel


Peak MarineTech has drastically reduced its business travels by measures as remote commissioning and RealWear. We will continue to use digital meeting alternatives even after removal of pandemic travel restrictions.



- Products


Peak Marine Tech delivers complete cargohandling turnkey solutions to an ultra-modern Antarctic krill trawler vessel. PeakMarine Tech’s delivery consists of a cargo elevator which transfers cargo between process deck and freezer deck, and a side loading system which consists of a pallet elevator and a side door for handing fish products at sea and quayside. The side door, which is part of the hull, was delivered to the yard ahead of schedule and is installed onboard.


- Services


Peak Marine Tech has an ongoing InnovasjonNorge-project where the aim is to develop an innovative and environmentallyfriendly ship design that reduces the risk in an investment decision significantly. We will focus on a ship type we know intimately through our association with PEAK Group, which is a combined ship for project and bulkcargo, but the design will have great transfer value to other ship types.



Peak Marine Tech’s slogan “smart people – smart solutions” clearly highlight the importance of our staff. Our people are the key to delivering high quality solutions to our clients. We put much effort on giving our employees the opportunity for professional and personal development.

The health safety of our employees is always a priority number 1. We have clear instructions and follow up of our employees when they are on site. We have annual health checks of all employees.

Peak Marine Tech’s employees work with innovative projects and clients, and have the opportunity for professional and personal growth through interesting and developing tasks.

PeakMarine Tech is a part of Peak Group which ensures systems and structure for career development.


Business ethics


Peak Marine Tech aims to establish a standard of ethics and integrity, in accordance with the law.

Peak Marine Tech’s own program for compliance with legal requirements and code of conduct are implemented internally and communicated externally.


All employees, agents, vendors, and public authorities involved in our operations are required to abide by applicable laws and regulations, and execute their duties in compliance with the standards set out by Peak Marine Tech, thereby helping to safeguard our reputation and reduce risk to both the company and individual.


Transparency Act

Information about Peak Marine Tech and the Norwegian Transparency Act.