OFSV – Research and Special Purpose Vessels

Peak Marine Tech delivers cable laying turntables and carousels up to 1000 tonnes, are used to lay underwater power cables, umbilical's, and telecommunication cables on the seabed. Turntable system operates at different speeds, and feed the cable untwisted through goose neck to cable feeding system.
Special purpose hatches
Special purpose hatches are designed by Peak Marine Tech’s experienced engineering team. The hatches is tailormade to each vessel and including several hatches covers in one hatch, make it optional how large the opening to the hull shall be.
Hangar doors
The hangar doors are located at shipside’s and used to launch remote operated vehicles for various research and offshore support vessels. The hangar doors can be designed with single door panel or double foldable panel based on customer requirements. Size of the ROV hangar door can be entirely manufactured and custom made based on customer specific requirements. ROV doors are operated using main operating hydraulic cylinders and sealing is achieved by cleating cylinders. ROV doors can be delivered weathertight or watertight based on its location above waterline. ROV doors can be delivered with several solution arrangements such as top hinged, side hinged, bottom hinged, sliding, railing door types.
Deck Hatches
Peak Marine Tech design and manufacture deck hatches in accordance with classification society (DNV, Lloyds, Bureau Veritas) requirements, safety consideration and easy operation. Hatches are designed according to deck loads and water pressure where it is applicable.
Special purpose cranes
Peak Marine Tech delivers special purpose cranes that is customzied to our client's needs. Our team of experienced engineers tailormake cranes with the latest technology and according to quality and safety standards.
Davit Systems
PMT delivers efficient Launch and Recovery Systems (LARS) including davit systems designed to launch and recovery of the boats and pleasure crafts. Our system comply with regulation requirements for launching and recovery of the boat in the shortest possible time in various sea state conditions.
Cargo Handling Systems
Peak Marine Tech delivers advanced automated cargo handling systems to move cargo through main deck to lower decks, as well as within the decks. System is automated such a way cargo moved efficiently within the vessel with minimum crew intervention. 
Side Loading System/Elevators
Peak Marine Tech delivers side loading system for efficient loading and unloading cargo from/to vessels (trawlers) through port or Starboard ship side.This system consist of hull side door and pallet elevator. Peak Marine Tech provide design, construction and installation of the equipment and perform essential life time service support through dedicated experts.
Side Doors
Doors in the ship shell is used for passenger access and cargo loading/unloading. These doors are delivered with opening mechanisms such as top hinged, side hinged, vertical sliding, horizonal sliding and swing arm types. Side doors is one of Peak Marine Tech's products.
Mooring Platforms
Peak Marine Tech delivers mooring platforms with the purpose for the crew to get a better overview of the mooring of a vessel. The platform consist partly of the frame from the hull, the platform itself and hydraulic lift.