RORO and Cruise Ships

Deck Hatches
Peak Marine Tech design and manufacture deck hatches in accordance with classification society (DNV, Lloyds, Bureau Veritas) requirements, safety consideration and easy operation. Hatches are designed according to deck loads and water pressure where it is applicable.
Marina Platforms
PMT delivers marina platforms to facilitate easy and safe access to water. Marine platforms are integrated to the hull and deployed to establish a safe platform for kayaks, water toys access.
Aft Ramps
Ramps are custom designed flat steel structure that are hinged in one end and lifted / lowered such a way to gain access for road vehicles to be driven on to or off from the ship or from one deck to other. Peak Marine Tech design and manufacture ramps in accordance with classification society requirements, safety consideration and easy operation. Ramps are built with hand rails for user safety. Ramps shall be delivered with or without sealing depending on the requirements. Ramps are hydraulically or electrically operated through Peak Marine Tech’s control systems.
Launch and Recovery Systems
PMT delivers efficient Launch and Recovery Systems (LARS) designed to launch and recovery of the boats and pleasure crafts. Our system comply with regulation requirements for launching and recovery of the boat in the shortest possible time in various sea state conditions.
Side Shell Doors
Peak Marine Tech design and manufacture weather tight and water tight shell doors for various ship types. shell doors are hinged either sides, top or bottom to steel structure and rotate with respect to that axis. They are standard sizes & custom built, suit for purpose and easy operation. These doors are hydraulically or electrically operated.
Side Loading Systems/Elevators
Peak Marine Tech delivers side loading system for efficient loading and unloading cargo from/to vessels through port or starboard ship side, to several segments hereunder fishery vessels (trawlers). This system consist of hull side door and pallet elevator. Peak Marine Tech provide design, construction and installation of the equipment and perform essential life time service support through dedicated experts.

• Compact Design with Turning table solution
• Better stowage of cargo
• Faster and safer maneuver operating cycle per minute
• Automatic Adjustable quay level
• Customized foldable side door
• Suitable for minor port facilities
• Increased turnaround of cargo handling
• Improved spares stock availability
Pilot and Bunker Doors
Peak Marine Tech delivers pilot access door according to international pilot association to ensure safe pilot embarkation. Doors in the ship shell is also used for pilot entry and bunkering hose for refueling. These doors are delivered with opening mechanisms such as top hinged, side hinged, vertical sliding, horizonal sliding and swing arm types.
Passenger Gangways
The passenger gangway is the walkway or bridge connecting the vessel to land. Peak Marine Tech delivers all types of gangways, including telescopic gangways and onshore and offshore gangways and bridges.
Mooring Platforms
Peak Marine Tech delivers mooring platforms with the purpose for the crew to get a better overview of the mooring of a vessel. The platform consist partly of the frame from the hull, the platform itself and hydraulic lift.
Bow Doors
Bow doors are a part of Peak Marine Techs range of products. They are watertight doors located fore part of the ship that can be opened to provide clear access to the ramp for roll on roll off operations. Bow doors are top hinged, side hinged, single panel or double panel designed to fulfill regulatory and owner requirements.
Anchoring and Mooring Winches
Peak Marine Tech supplies a broad range of winches and their related components to meet all the needs of the maritime industry, e.g. mooring and anchor winches, man rider winches and utility winches. Possible features are variable frequency drive or electro-hydraulic systems,  single, double, or triple drum configuration, up to 700-tonne rated line-pull on first layer and  additional special functions include auto variable speed control, wire spooling and guide systems, grooved drums, an emergency release function, gravity lowering, and an emergency hoisting function.