Panorama Hatches and Platforms
Peak Marine Tech delivers marina platforms to facilitate easy and safe access to water. Marine platforms are integrated to the hull and deployed to establish a safe platform for kayaks, water toys access.
Peak Marine Tech delivers cranes that are used for handling of stores, hoses and workboats. The design is customized to the client’s  demands and according to various classification approvals.
Side Doors
Doors in the ship shell is used for passenger access and cargo loading/unloading. These doors are delivered with opening mechanisms such as top hinged, side hinged, vertical sliding, horizonal sliding and swing arm types.
Launch and Recovery Systems for Pleasure Crafts
PMT delivers efficient Launch and Recovery Systems (LARS) designed to launch and recovery of the boats and pleasure crafts. Our system comply with regulation requirements for launching and recovery of the boat in the shortest possible time in various sea state conditions.